Google Camera - Best Camera App ever For Every Android

Google Camera is one of my favorite camera apps and I love this camera app very much. Today I am discussing all the features of This Google camera. I said Gcam is my favorite camera app, especially this version of Gcam. The reason is this version of google camera is faster than another version of the GCam app.

Google Camera is basically developed for Pixel Phone by Google. But some of the developers make this app more efficient.

Features of Google Camera

  • All photo (HDR+, Portrait mode, Panorama, Photo Sphere) and video things
  • Night sight
  • Tracking autofocus
  • Motion photos
  • Photobooth
  • Lens Blur
  • Slow Motion
  • Face warping for front camera (can be disabled in later versions)
  • Playground (AR stickers): download here
  • Launching from the lock screen

Google Camera Has lots of features than other camera apps. Pixel phone already brings Astrophotography mode, We hope all phones will get these features.

Download GCam for all Phone

If this version is not supported to your Android, you may also download Gcam From Here: Download Gcam From Android Xda Developers

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