Which Games is best between PUBG Mobile & COD Mobile ?

We know , Recently Call of Duty relished their game in mobile version globally. This games has lots of new feature. In this article i am gonna discuss what's new in call of duty mobile. What is the difference between PUBG Mobile & COD Mobile.

Call of Duty Relished Globally

Call of duty is one of the most popular game for computer user and recently Call of Duty relished COD mobile version with many exclusive feature. The Controlling system are awesome in this mobile game. This hasn't realistic graphics like PUBG Mobile but, but gaming quality is awesome. Currently this game version is now 1.0.8

This game is actually awesome. The BR is better then any other one out there. The online runs well and actually can be challenging at times. You could pay money and be "better" but if you know your way around mobile gaming you will be just fine. I wish there was controller support, but that would make it tougher. As long as updates come out and we actually get zombies, this game will be incredible.

PUBG vs. Call Of Duty । Comparison । Which one is best?

Now this is time compare with most popular mobile game named PUBG Mobile.
 Firstly there is lot's of change between PUBG and CODM. PUBG has 4 Maps but Call of Duty Mobile has only one maps, which is awkward for CODM.
PUBG has 8 Modes and CODM has also some modes but not efficient like pubg. but this game has lot's of new feature like Zipline, Helicopter and many more.

So, PUBG & CODM both games are awesome. 

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